A Life Lesson

Posted by Alfred on October 04, 2015


You know If you don’t like where you live whatever the situation you do have the option to leave, I once left home when I was 14  and lived along the river during early fall here in the northeast. I hung out with the homeless, washed my hair in freezing cold streams, I begged people for food, spent my days in the woods .  Sometimes It would rain all night and all I had was my jacket for shelter. I was cold , I was angry , I was hungry . But realized that many other people had the same problems  as I did and sometimes you have to walk away from a bad situation to get a new perspective. That short two months of my life taught me that you can get by on the land and some kindness from strangers. If you ever find yourself thinking “I wonder what life would be like on my own” then try It! And maybe just maybe  you will find yourself ! The worst thing would be never knowing.    A. SHASTOKAS


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