Trying to navigate through life

Posted by Deb Bushman on November 18, 2015

Well here we go.  Our lives are busy, let’s face it.  In today’s world you need two incomes to keep your head above water unless you make mega $’s.  Between, the mortgage, oil, water, house insurance, taxes, cable, UI, car payments & car taxes, car insurance, gas for the car, food, and clothing things are very expensive.  I am fortunate to have all these things but to make ends meet, you do what you can whether it is working overtime, cutting back on spending, shop at discount stores for food and try to use coupons to keep costs low.

I even signed up on some coupon sites to print coupons and it is such a hassle. Luckily, I created a separate email address for coupons because my inbox on the new email address is flooded with offers – some which are just ridiculous. Then there was an opportunity to earn money if you do surveys, sounds great?  No!  I took some surveys and they just try to sell you things.  Then your phone number gets published and you are getting calls from these people to sell you things.  I am looking to earn money not spend more.  To top it off, my main # is my cell phone number, now they send texts to me with offers really?? – it is not what it is all cracked up to be.


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