Three Things For The Season

Posted by Alfred on December 08, 2015

If  you are like me you’re probably missing a lot of people who you would like to be here for the holidays. Well so am I finding myself getting a little blue , snappy, aggravated . Happens to me every year at this time what should be a joyous time. Three things I always do is number one , Start the day on a positive note, number two , Do something special for someone who has it more difficult than you, and number three pray on  what you believe to be you’re greatest strength or religion for me instead of standing I get on my knees bow my head and pray and purge that sadness out through many tears! When I am done there’s a feeling of being refreshed and sorrow has slipped away, That is how those you love help you feel better even though they are not by your side at this time but in spirit they certainly are. AL

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